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With its Moorish-inspired interiors, sun-drenched pool and patio, and stunning views of Caucasus; A few reasons out of many to visit our Communal Telavi at the very heart of the region hailed as the ‘Craddle of Wine Making’.

Eat and Drink

Our wholesome breakfasts are shared at the communal table. The ground floor houses Doli, authentic local eatery, serving Kakhetian fare and a hand-picked selection of finest local wines.

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Rooftop Orangerie, Telavi




Take a Look Around

Our Neigbourhood

We’ve made our home in the oldest part of the town with heritage homes graced by masterful courtyards and ornamented balconies. The area boasts iconic landmarks, local cafes and artisanal boutiques – all at your doorstep. A short ride takes you to ancient monasteries and vineyards. Immerse yourself in the local culture and vibrant flavors. 

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11 kakutsa cholokashvili street Telavi, 2200 Telavi, Georgia

  • Giant Plane Tree is less than 1 km from the hotel.
  • ¬†Akhali Shuamta Monastery is 6 km from the property.
  • Erekle II palace is 1km from the hotel.
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